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ADSF 2022 Scholarship Recipients

The AEO Foundation is proud to present the 2022 Armenian Dream Scholarship award recipients – Sofia Gevorgian and Manvel Muradyan. With an array of already impressive accomplishments, these bright minds embody the essence of the Armenian Dream Scholarship!⁠

Sofia Gevorgian is a bright star in her community with her wide array of hobbies ranging from filmmaking to sports to debating. With a 1st Place C-Span StudentCam Documentary Award already on her resume, Sofia has an excellent ability to get her point across and has continuously exercised it to further the Armeniancause. Sofia will be starting her first year at UCLA as a Political Science major with emphasis on International Relations by way of AGBU High School.⁠

Manvel Muradyan is an innovative and driven mind in his community with his wide array of hobbies, notably in Technology and Entrepreneurship. He has a passion and an impressive⁠ track record in Robotics and proven soft skills leading the Entrepreneurship Club and the Armenian Club in Clark Magnet High School. Manvel will be starting his⁠ first year at UCLA as a Computer Science and Linguistics major.⁠

We look forward to seeing Sofia and Manvel become leading minds in their chosen paths and even bigger⁠ contributors to the Armenian community. Please join us in Congratulating them!!!⁠

To learn more or connect with the recipients on LinkedIn:⁠

Sofia Gevorgian⁠
Manvel Muradyan⁠

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