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2021 Amour Fund – CDG Children’s Book

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Goal : $23,000.00
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What is this project for?

We all know how important Children’s books are for young developing minds. AEΩ Foundation’s Amour Fund is proud to work on a children’s story book with Nare Garibyan – a talented author and journalist based in Los Angeles.

The storyline outlines the adventures of a little boy who moves around differently, communicates differently and goes on an adventure with his two friends to find the “glycan fruit” he has been searching for. The story uses subtle illustrations and words to teach the message of “being different is ok”, and that children with disabilities can overcome adversity with determination, be heroes, and live an inspiring life.

The purpose of the project is to fund the illustration, design, printing, and publication of a children’s story book inspired by a boy, who lives with a rare disease, called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG).


Books to Publish




Funds Needed

To bring this story of acceptance, bravery and hope to our Community, we need your help.

Your generous donations will assist us to fund the illustration, design, printing, and publication of a children’s story book inspired by a boy, who lives with a rare disease, called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG). This young boy lives with CDG every day with courage, hope, resilience, joy and laughter despite the challenges he faces due to CDG.

We are also offering the fundraising level incentives listed below to kick off this campaign in hopes that many of our contributors are interested in providing a sponsorship toward this project.

Every donation amount will help us bring this book closer to reality. Your contribution will help raise awareness of CDG, rare diseases and disabilities in general. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to fund CDG research.

This project is led by

AEΩ brother: Misak Zetilyan

Contact Info

For direct questions about this project, you may reach via email:


For additional updates you can visit:


How can I contribute?

Donate and share this project with your family and friends.  

How can I support?

Please join our efforts and help us bring this project to life!


Donation Levels and Incentives:

Friend: $100 – first edition book

Supporter: $250 – signed first edition book

Champion: $1,000 – 2 signed first edition books and framed book cover

Gold Sponsors: $5,000 – signed first edition book, framed book cover and sponsorship recognition in book

We are grateful to our Gold Sponsors:  CDG CARE, Glycomine, and Applied Therapeutics.


April 1, 2021

Phase I: Story finalized, Illustrations and Book design in progress. Publication of an illustrated children’s book in full color (In progress) $25,000

Phase II: Creation of an animated book trailer and/or an animated short film (Planned) $15,000

Phase III: Book events, including screenings (Planed) $5,000


This is a list of all the donors from the first GoFundMe fundraiser.


$100 Naz K
$100 Blaise Berasi
$100 Karapet Torossian
– Medtronic Inc.
$5,000 Glycomine, Inc.
$500 Zetilyan Family
– Arpi Nersessian
– Anonymous
$100 Anonymous
$25 Anonymous
$50 Courtney stone
– Nancy & MNM
$100 Ani & Arpi Sinoryan
$100 Tonya Gabardi Geschke
$250 Anonymous
– Meredith Berger
– Tania Sahakian
– Anonymous
$25 Anonymous
– Heather Bangalan
$3,500 CDG Care
$50 Anonymous
$100 Vivian Taslakian
$25 Ana Luísa
$25 Anonymous
– Nora and Manuk
– Anonymous
$100 Attebery/Andrews family
$200 Anonymous
$100 Lilia Oknayan
$15 Anonymous
$100 Abramyan family
$50 Hayk Gevorgyan
$50 Jack Parlevliet
$100 Karo Torossian
– Steers AAC Language & Speech, Inc
$50 Kevin Petrosyan
$100 Anonymous
– Noushig Karpanian
– Margrit Shahnazarian
$25 Anonymous
– Anonymous
$100 Remie
$250 Phil IP Law Group
$500 Vijay Sappani
– Robert Agaverdian
$100 Adana & Arout
$100 Nyree & Daniel
$100 Bajwa Family
– Avo Terzian
$100 Miller Family
$35 Anonymous
$5,000 Zetilyan Family
$100 Zetilyan Family