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2021 Amour Fund – Bari Tnak

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What is this project for?

AEΩ Foundation’s Amour Fund is proud to raise funds for continuing the construction of Bari Tnak (Translation: The Kind House). Bari Tnak was built to serve moms who have children with disabilities.

In Armenia, if a mom gives birth to a child with a diagnosis ( genetic disorder or cerebral palsy), the mom is offered to give up the new born to orphanages. The organization Bari Mama (The Kind mom) has been established to support and give a new mom the chance to keep her child with her, without the fear of shelter or food!

The purpose of the project is to finish the outside construction of Bari Tnak, the landscaping and creating a welcoming outdoor area to serve the customers of Bari Café.


Children/Famalies Impacted




Funds Needed

Bari Tnak has two buildings:

  • 1) The first building serves as a shelter for moms with children with disabilities
  • 2) The second building was built to serve young adults with disabilities who lived in orphanages for 18 years, and need to leave the orphanage after they turn 18.

Most of the time, these young adults with disabilities can not find a job easily and don’t have any place to live. This building will also serve as a housing facility for young adults with disabilities. The building has a cafe called “Bari Café”, serving the community! They plan on hiring the young adults with disabilities who will live there. This wonderful idea will give the individuals a shelter, and a source of income.

This project is led by

AEΩ brother: Misak Zetilyan

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How can I contribute?

Donate and share this project with your family and friends.  


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